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Jammer mart 2022-09-27(火)

What is a WIFI Jammer? Is it legal?
Wifi jammer transmit on the same frequency as the signal to be compromised. However, if the jammer sends a significantly stronger signal, it renders the original signal unusable, making communication more difficult or impossible.

In WLAN, this means that the exchange of packets only works to a limited extent or does not work at all, and the actual data flow can no longer be properly combined. This can be a critical issue for devices performing safety-related tasks.

However, jammers are perfectly normal in wireless technology. In the early 20th century, when the number of transmitters increased substantially, poorly shielded machines caused interference with radio signals. But even today, WLAN networks that transmit closely on the same radio channel sometimes interfere with each other. However, the problem was not so severe that all data traffic stopped.

Having a jammer is generally not prohibited. But, if at all, it can only be done with the permission of the authorities and in exceptional circumstances. This applies not only to WIFI signal jammers but also to cell phones or Bluetooth blockers. Casinos and casinos have long grappled with the problem of manipulating slot machines with mobile phones. It would be a legitimate interest for casino operators to use such equipment - as long as other communications outside the building are not disrupted.

It seems like every public place you can visit has free Wi-Fi as one of the perks of access. Shopping centers, cafes, and even some urban areas and libraries offer Wi-Fi to help you stay connected.
According to the FCC, a wifi jammer device is an "unlawful radio frequency transmitter designed to block, interfere with, or otherwise interfere with authorized radio communications. Jamming techniques generally do not distinguish between desirable and undesirable communications. A wifi frequency jammer can block All radio communications operating on radio frequencies within its range (i.e., within a specific radius of a jammer) by emitting radio frequency waves that prevent the target device from establishing or maintaining a connection.

That said, it is illegal to own and use jammers in the United States. Federal law prohibits the marketing, sale, or use of transmitters (eg, jammers) designed to block, interfere with, or interfere with wireless communications
portable wifi jammer
If you wish to protect your corporate network, consider using a firewall. The Jammer mart 40W/60W provides small businesses with unparalleled protection against malware and unauthorized applications. Even better, the USG40W and USG60W have built-in single- and dual-band wireless access points to provide Wi-Fi for small offices right out of the box.
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