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What Factors Affect A Wifi Jammer?
Signals like GSM 2G 3G are very strong, but if you're in a very noisy environment or want to block multiple signals at once, they may not perform well. So what factors will affect wireless wifi jammer?

Part: Avoid placing wifi frequency jammer in metal boxes or cabinets.

Try to install the interfering antenna in line with the signal source.

The interfering antenna should be in line with the signal source so that it effectively blocks all signals.

The closer the antenna is to the signal source, the more effective the interference will be.
When the wifi signal jammer is working, there will be some noise around the jamming device, it is best to place the 5g wifi jammer in a quiet environment. This will ensure you get a better signal. If you plan to use it in an open space such as a conference room or lecture hall, be sure to set it to silent mode so as not to disturb others.

The location of the signal source affects the signal strength of the device. If possible, it is recommended that you install additional wireless equipment in the field to test and adjust signal strength.
portable wifi jammer
There is a lot of noise in the environment that can interfere with your wireless connection.
Your wireless wifi jammer device has poor reception, to begin with, so even if you don't have any other issues that would interfere with your own devices (such as in a noisy place), you'll still have a hard time connecting to a nearby access point or router without needing to Install a better antenna on the device itself.

It's a pretty straightforward process, but if you're still confused about how to use it, don't worry. Come to Jammer mart for professional answers and assistance anytime, we are always happy to answer any questions you have about the jammer or how to use it.
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