2018年12月7日(金)愛知 名古屋 千種文化小劇場
7th DEC 2018 at CHIKUSA-ZA in Nagoya Aichi
『A repeat performance of CHIKU Toshiaki with an orchestra 』

※TBD, Please refrain from contacting to the venue.

PASCALS http://www.pascals.jp/
パスカルズ 2018年11月17日(土)- 24日(土)フランス - スペイン
17th NOV 2018 to 24th NOV in France to Spain

♪ 17th NOV(Sat)FRANCE Cholet Festival les Z'Eclectiques - Collection Automne(15th, 16th, 17th Novembre)
♪ 18th NOV(Sun)FRANCE Limoges Eclats d'Email Jazz Festival(du 15 au 25 Novembre)
♪ 20th NOV(Tue)FRANCE massy Paul B:Musiques actuelles à Massy
♪ 22nd NOV (Thu)FRANCE Privas Le Théâtre de Privas
♪ 24th NOV(Sat)SPAIN Donostia / San Sebastián Teatro Victoria Eugenia
※Check out the Pascals’ website above for further information.

2018年11月13日(火)高円寺 きよ香 二階座敷
13th NOV 2018 at 2nd floor of KIYOKA (Okinawa Restaurant Bar) in Koenji http://www.dachibin.com/kiyoka/
Guest: Kimi Nakagawa (Vo., San-shin)

18:00/20:00 3000yen+drinking fee

・Buy tickets at KIYOKA.
・Or book them from CHIKU SHOUKAI email address. Payment will be by bank transfer or paying at KIYOKA.

※The entrance turn will be given priority to customers paid at the KIYOKA.

☆Buying tickets at the KIYOKA will be store opening time of 17:00pm till 2:00am.
Or book the tickets by telephone number 03-3339-5722. Payment needs to be paid in one week.

☆Booking tickets by email chikuchiku@officek.jp from 0am 22nd OCT.

・Use copy and past [11月13日きよ香 チケット予約] for your email title.

・One booking be available for 2tickets by an email.

・Please write down your first and last name and others also in the email. Also, your phone number and email address.We’ll reply you when we confirm your booking email.

・Payment need to be paid in one week or it will automatically be canceled.

・Please resend the email if there is no reply from us in 24hours. 

※Please refrain from blocking the email, we cannot book you when our reply is denied. Please confirm your email settings.

●Inquiry →CHIKU SHOKAI 080-5084-6770 chikuchiku@officek.jp

2018年11月10日(土)東京 大森 成田山圓能寺『てらてら #06』
10th NOV 2018 at NARITASAN ENNOH-JI temple in Omori Tokyo http://ennoji.or.jp/
【TeraTera #6】 https://teratera6.peatix.com/
CHIKU Toshiaki / U-zhaan / Minakumari / Southern Indian meal: Masalawala

Check out the website above for farther information.

2018年11月5日(月)高円寺 彦六
5th NOV 2018 at HIKOROKU in Koenji http://www.ukuleleafternoon.com/hiko6/

18:00/20:00 3700yen+Drink fee 600yen
●Booking→ It has been sold out at noon on Tuesday 9th October. There is no extra booking by waiting on cancels.

2018年10月31日(水)東京 吉祥寺 MANDA-LA2
31st OCT 2018 at MANDA-LA2 in Kichijhoji Tokyo http://www.mandala.gr.jp/man2.html

18:30/19:30 2800/3000yen +drink fee
Tickets → Sells at the shop front of Manda-LA2 from 16:00pm on 30th SEP

パスカルズ 2018年10月30日(火)神奈川 横浜 THUMBS UP
Pascals http://www.pascals.jp/
30th OCT 2018 at THUBS UP in Yokohama Kanagawa http://stovesyokohama.com
『2018 Pascals Big Pink Tour vol.6 The world of the new album "Hibi, Toshitsuki" 』

18:30/19:30 3000/3500yen+one order

2018年10月10日(水)神奈川 横浜 THUMBS UP『あきらかに濃すぎるナイト!第4弾』
10th OCT 2018 at THUMBS UP in Yokohama Kanagawa http://stovesyokohama.com
『A night obviously dense! Vol.4』
CHIKU Toshiaki / HATCH Hatchel / YAMADA Koshi

18:30/19:30 2800/3300yen +one order

2018年10月6日(土)宮城 仙台 石森山『小さき花まつり』
6th OCT 2018 Chiisaki Hana Matsuri, A festival of small flowers, at Ishimoriyama in Sendai Miyagi https://ameblo.jp/foreston39/entry-12404846336.html
Held from 6th OCT to 8th OCT

For farther information, Please take a look at the website above. The venue is at The Citizen Radioactive Measurement Room of small flowers “Chiisaki Hana”. It is around the point of 38.181536, 140.794607 in the Google map, which is further up, 15 Aza Haramae Tsubonuma Tajiro-Ku Sendai 〒982-0231.

2018年10月5日(金)岩手 盛岡 九十九草
5th OCT 2018 at Tsukumogusa in Morioka Iwate http://www.99gusa.com/index.html

19:00/19:30 3000/3300yen +drink fee
Children in elementary schools or less ages are free. (Please refrain from taking your children who are not feeling like to see the show. Please make your children’s feeling a priority. Thanks. )
Bookings/ Inquiry → Tsukumogusa 019-622-2253 info@99gusa.com

2018年10月4日(木)宮城県 栗原 cafeかいめんこや
4th SEP 2018 at café Kaimenkoya in Kurihara Miyagi https://ja-jp.facebook.com/kaimenko/

19:00/19:30 3000/3500yen +drink fee
Tickets → sells at the door of Kaimenkoya
Bookings → kurihara1004@furo-kikaku.com Please send us your ; Name, number of people, contacts, title of the show

2018年9月25日(火)相模原 メイプルホール
25th SEP 2018 at Maple Hall in Sagamihara Kanagawa http://www.maple1990.com/menu/maplehall/hall_top.html
『Kuricorder Quartet+CHIKU Toshiaki』

Adults 4500yen Under High School students 3500yen / DOOR 500yen addition
Tickets→ Take a look at 25th SEP on following website http://www.maple1990.com/menu/maplehall/hall_live.html
With reference number, Unreserved seat.

2018年9月24日(月・休)国立 地球屋
24th SEP 2018 at Chikyuya in Kunitachi Tokyo http://chikyuya.info/contents/pickup

19:00/20:00 2000yen + one drink fee
Info. →Chikyuya +81 (0)425725851(from19:00pm to 2:00am next morning, Mondays closed. Sometimes cannot hear the ringing because of the loudness from the performances. Please call us later again when no staff catch your call.)

2018年9月23日(日)相模湖畔 みの石滝キャンプ場『勝手にウッドストック2018』
23th SEP 2018 at Minoishitaki Camping ground in Sagami-ko Kanagawa
『Katte-ni WOODSTOCK 2018』 http://www.ban-ban-bazar.com/woodstock/
※Held from 22nd SEP till 24th SEP

To get a farther info, take a look at the website above.

2018年9月20日(木)東京 秋葉原 CLUB GOODMAN
20th SEP 2018 at CLUB GOODMAN in Akihabara Tokyo http://clubgoodman.com/
【Totsuzen Danball’s New Album「Love Surfin'」 Releasing Performance】
Totsuzen Danball / Kowarekake tape recprders / CHIKU Toshiaki

18:30/19:00 2800/3300yen + drink fee

2018年9月17日(月祝)両国フォークロアセンター1階 一ツ目ギャラリー
17th SEP 2018 (National Holiday) at Ryogoku Folklore center 1F Hitotsume Gallery, in Tokyo https://bit.ly/2wmP6eE
『CHIKU Toshiaki ーBack to old Hauntー To Ryogoku Folklore center for the first time in 30 several years 』

17:30/18:00 4500yen includes one drink and a souvenir!
Flyer(Booking info / Access Map)→ large

15th-16th SEP 2018 at Kawaguchi Street Jazz Festival in Kawaguchi Saitama https://kawaguchi-fes.org

♪ 15th SEP East Gate Public Squer "Cupola Stage"
17:00 to17:45 Free Entrance

♪ 16th SEP Kawaguchi Lilia Music Hall, Main hall
『Kawaguchi・En the bond・Jazz special live concert』 https://www.lilia.or.jp/event/1487
YASHIRO Aki / Circus / OBA Kumiko / CHIKU Toshiaki / HAYASHI Hiroko / KUDO Shintaro / Ear Candy Jazz Factory
13:30/14:30 4000/4500yen All seats specified

2018年9月14日(金)熊谷 モルタルレコード2階
14th SEP 2018 at Mortar Record 2F in Kumagaya Saitama http://mortar.cart.fc2.com/userpage?id=26189
〜Mortar Records Presents〜 The music, want to give earlier than anywhere, in the autumn night #2《CHIKU Toshiaki Solo Performance》

19:00/19:30 3000/3500yen + drink fee

2018年9月12日(水)青山 月見ル君想フ
12th SEP 2018 at MOON ROMANTIC in Aoyama Tokyo http://www.moonromantic.com/
〜Yokochin Label Presents〜【Tokyo 31singers solo singing 2018】

18:30/19:00 2000/2500yen + one order
※ Limited to 100people

2018年9月10日(月)吉祥寺 スターパインズカフェ
10th SEP 2018 at Star Pines Cafe in Kichijoji Tokyo http://mandala.gr.jp/SPC/home
AOBA Ichiko / CHIKU Toshiaki

18:00/19:00 3800/4000 yen + drink fee
Tickets → at SPC shop front. Bo

Pascals http://www.pascals.jp/
パスカルズ 2018年9月9日(日)大阪『服部緑地レインボーヒル2018』
9th SEP 2018 at Hattori park outdoor concert hall in Osaka
【Hattori Park Rainbow Hill 2018】 http://rainbowhill.jp/

Opens and Starts on 11: 00am to18: 30pm
3800/4200 yen (with reference number) ※Rain or shine
oking at SPC HP. https://ssl.form-mailer.jp/fms/f7f014c8172636

Pascals http://www.pascals.jp/
パスカルズ 2018年9月8日(土)京都 磔磔
8th SEP 2018 (Saturday) at TakuTaku in Kyoto http://www.geisya.or.jp/~takutaku/
【Pascals Big Pink Tour 2018 vol. 4 "With a new album"】

※We will inform you on 8th when the day ticket comes out.
17:30/18:30 3500/3800 yen + drink fee
※ Both The Day and advance, 2500 yen + drink fee for high school students or under. It will be sold only at the our shop front. For junior and high school students please present your student ID card.

2018年9月7日(金)京都大学吉田寮食堂 『村おこし』
7th SEP 2018 at Kyoto University Dorm Yoshida Dining Hall in Kyoto http://eplus.jp/sys/T1U21P0426060071
【MURA OKOSHI ~ The village revitalization】 held 7th SEP to 9th SEP.
Many Stores and Performances will be opening.

Free entrance from 14:00pm. (From the organizer: please drink plenty more than usual!)

2018年9月3日(月)仙台 なごみ処 くも
3rd SEP 2018 at Nagomi Dokoro Kumo in Sendai Miyagi
【KUMO NO UTA-KAI ~ Kumo singing party】Capacity of 30

Singer: CHIKU Toshiaki
Opens: 19:00
Starts: 20:00
Participation Fee: 3000yen (included a glass of Sake)
Venue: Nagomi Dokoro Kumo (Phone No. 022-215-7503)
1-3-11-F3 Omachi Aoba-Ku Sendai-Shi

Pascals http://www.pascals.jp/
パスカルズ 2018年9月2日(日)宮城 七ヶ浜国際村ホール
2nd SEP 2018 at Shichigahama International Village Hall in Miyagi
【Shichigahama Art Warriors 2018 RAINBOW BEACH CONCERT】 http://coolmine.net/?p=3476
Pascals / Odoro Matilda

16:30/17:00 3900yen
All seats specified
60 years old, Junior high school student or less, 1000 yen refund on the day.

2018年9月1日(土)秋田 みどり祭 vol.12
1st SEP 2018 at Oyanaginuma nature park camping ground in Higashinaruse Mura Akita
【Festival "MIDORI MATSURI" vol.12】 https://www.facebook.com/Midorimatsuri/timeline held from 31st AUG to 2nd SEP

Three-day ticket 3000/4000 yen
Elementary school students or less, Higashinaruse villagers, people in the disaster area of eastern Japan great earthquake are free to enter (need your ID card)

2018年8月30日(木)下北沢 440
♪30th AUG 2018 at 440 in Shimokitazawa Tokyo http://440.tokyo/
Shimokitazawa Record presents 2 man Live performance "CHIKU Toshiaki and Bakurocyo Band"

19:00/19:30 3000/3500 yen + drink fee 600 yen
Ticket→ 440 Shop front , e+

紀伊半島巡業 2018
【Kii Peninsula Tour 2018】 https://bit.ly/2KWeD73

☆ At all venues, please refrain from bringing drinks or food.
☆No smoking indoors.
☆ As the venue is limited, please book the tickets early! ! Need to be contact us when you cancel. (The cancellation on the day also need to be contacted)
☆ If you book or inquiry by e-mail, please put "CHIKU Toshiaki (name of the venue) live" on the subject, and Copy and fill in the following ①-⑥ in the contents.
④How many people
⑤Telephone Number (optional)
⑥Questions (please make it simple as we can easily understand)

♪ 8月19日(日)和歌浦 バグース
19th AUG at Bagusu in Wakaura http://www.wakanoura.com/bagus/access.html
18:30/19:00 2500/3000 yen +1 drink fee
Booking→ Tipipao tipipaoalps@gmail.com
Tipipao Venue Address: 2-2 Shin Wakaura Wakayama-Shi
※ Please use the general parking lot in the fishing port.

♪ 8月20日(月)紀の川 創 -hajime-cafe
20th AUG at So –hajime –café in Kinokawa https://ja-jp.facebook.com/hajime.cafe.slowtime
☆ Pozukku orchestra's Chindon show for the opening act
18:30/19:00 2500/3000 yen +1 drink fee
Booking→ pongri 1008@gmail.com
Venue address: 853-3 Kokawa Kinokawa-Shi Wakayama-Ken

♪ 8月22日(水)新宮 サンサロカフェ
22nd AUG at Sansaro Café in Shingu https://www.facebook.com/sansaroKumano
19:00/19:30 2500/3000 yen + one order fee
Booking→ Tipipao tipipaoalps@gmail.com
Venue Address: 878-1 Hiwatari Kumanokawa-Cho Shingu-Shi Wakayama-Ken

♪ 8月25日(土)多気 つじ屋
25th AUG at Tsujiya in Taki https://ja-jp.facebook.com/mietsujiya/
17: 30/18: 30 2500/3000 yen + one order fee
Booking/Qs→ Tsujiya 0598-49-4667
Venue Address: 1282 Furue Taki-Cho Taki-Gun Mie-Ken
※Please use the agricultural cooperative(JA) parking lotfor parking.

♪ 8月26日(日)奈良 柳生茶屋
26th AUG at Yagyu Chaya in Nara https://www.facebook.com/yagyuchaya/
7:30/18:30 2500/3000 yen + one order fee
Booking/Qs→ Tipipao tipipaoalps@gmail.com
Venue Address: 359-3 Yagyu-cho Nara-Shi Nara-Ken

2018年8月18日(土)東京 大塚 Hearts Next
♪18th AUG 2018 at Otsuka Hearts Next in Tokyo http://hearts-web.net/next/
【Hearts Next presents "CHIKU Toshiaki × Koochewsen 2 Man Live!"】
CHIKU Toshiaki / Koochewsen OA: Kyouiku Bangumi (Educational program)

2800/3300 yen + drink fee
Ticket→ e+, Lawson ticket

2018年8月12日(日)東京 東高円寺 U.F.O.CLUB
♪12th AUG 2018 at U.F.O.CLUB in Koenji Tokyo https://www.ufoclub.jp
【Song Line Vol.1 – CHIKU Toshiaki × macaroom 2man Live Special】
CHIKU Toshiaki / macaroom Opening Act : Sesshow ni Zetsubo (desperation for killing)

18: 00/18: 30
2500/3000 yen + drink fee

2018年8月1日(水)京都 磔磔
1st AUG 2018 at Takutaku in Kyoto http://www.geisya.or.jp/~takutaku/
"Takutaku 101st Anniversary! The week fill loaded of KIMURA Atsuki!! Have fun!!! "
KIMURA Atsuki / SHIRASAKI Emi / CHIKU Toshiaki

18: 00/19: 00
5000 yen + drink fee

Ticket→ http://www.greenscorp.co.jp/schedule/info/index.php?event_id=6888

2018年7月26日(木)山口 岩国 らかん高原キャンプ場
26th JUL 2018 at Rakan Kogen Camping ground in Iwakuni Yamaguchi http://www.go-rakan.jp/rakan_top.php
"Eve night for Kazenomatsuri"
Kazenomatsuri 27th July - 29th July 2018 https://kazenomatsuri.jimdo.com/

Starts around the time of the sunset
Ticket→ https://bit.ly/2LXpfzs

2018年7月24日(火)岡山 デスペラード
24 JUL 2018 at Desperado in Okayama http://www.desperado-okayama.com/live.html

3000/3500 yen + drink fee
Ticket→ Please refer to 〜, 24th July 2018. http://www.desperado-okayama.com/schedule.html

2018年7月16日(月・休)東京 吉祥寺 キチム
16th JUL 2018 at Kichimu in Kichijoji Tokyo http://www.kichimu.la/
Performed by YUUKI (Oorutaichi + YTAMO) / TONCHI / CHIKU Toshiaki

3600/4000 yen + drink fee
Ticket purchase and booking→ http://kichimu.la/file/chiku.htm

2018年7月10日(火)台湾 台北 Mangasick
10th JUL 2018. at Mangasick in Taipei TAIWAN http://twitter.com/mangasickmanga

19:30/20:00 500NTD ※25 people Venue

Mangasick : 2, Luosifu Road, Section 3, Lane 244, Alley 10, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

2018年7月8日(日)台湾 花蓮 海或。手作 Ocean Home『海或瘋市集 ワイルドマーケット』※7/2-8開催
8th. JUL 2018 at Ocean Home in Hualien TAIWAN http://www.facebook.com/Ocean.home456/
“Ocean Home Wild Market” (2nd July- 8thJuly)

CHIKU Toshiaki performance is scheduled from 18:00

Ocean Home : 82, Yanfu Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County
Phone: 03-8671183
Transportation : 30 minutes from Taiwan's Hualien Station

2018年7月5日(木)台湾 台北 月見ル君想フ『青葉市子と知久寿焼の2人旅 in 台湾』<台北場>
5th JUL 2018 at MOONROMANTIC in Taipei TAIWAN http://www.moonromantictw.com
“AOBA Ichiko And CHIKU Toshiaki Traveling Together In Taiwan” <Taichung field>

Tickets→ KKTIX http://romanticoffice.kktix.cc/events/ichikoandtoshiaki

MOONROMANTIC TW : 102, Chaozhou Street, Da’an District, Taipei City

Visual Design : Feifeifei
Hosting : Romantic studio

2018年7月4日(水)台湾 台中 玩劇島小劇場 Little Play『青葉市子と知久寿焼の2人旅 in 台湾』<台中場>
4th JUL 2018 at Little Play in Taichung TAIWAN http://www.facebook.com/taichunglittleplay/
“AOBA Ichiko And CHIKU Toshiaki Traveling Together In Taiwan” <Taichung field>

Tickets →
■ KKTIX ticketing system http://romanticoffice.kktix.cc/events/ichiko-and-toshiaki-intaichung
Single Advance Ticket 700NTD / Limited Double Advance Ticket 650NTD / The Day Ticket 800NTD
■ Taichung Court Limited Single Advance Ticket NT.650 Consignment Point : Genre Records / Sentimental Records

Little Play : 75, Jingming 1st Street, West District, Taichung City,

Visual Design : Feifeifei
Hosting : Romantic studio