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Jammer mart 2022-09-14(水)

Drone jammers are used by troops
Consumer drones have become a growing threat to global military power, and drone jammer has received a lot of attention in recent years. In 2019, the Pentagon announced that the U.S. military now has the full legal right to shoot down commercial or private drones it sees as a threat.Since then, many local communities have been told that any UAS (unmanned aircraft system) entering military airspace could be destroyed or seized.
How do terrorists use drones?
ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria have repeatedly used drones modified with grenades to provide makeshift booby traps or destroy armored vehicles from above.

Even unarmed, the surveillance capabilities of most commercial drones can pose a significant threat to military personnel or facilities.

It allows opponents to gain footage in hopes of planning future attacks. More worryingly, the technology is rapidly miniaturizing, meaning drones are getting smaller and more agile.

Let's talk more about how to safely locate and disable drones within your facility.

Locate the drone
Various technologies are used to identify drones entering restricted areas, and these devices come in various configurations. Blocking and disabling drones is done through similar techniques used in cellular GSM jamming.

Once the drone is located, the military can take action to safely disable the device to prevent harm to civilians. By knowing where the drone system is, the team can disperse the drone or shut it down.

Disable drones
Some weapons fire a net that traps and adds weight to the drone, then shoots it down with a parachute.

While the range is short, the benefit of this approach is that the aircraft can be seized for forensic testing in hopes of finding vital intelligence.

Assets and military installations are not always isolated, which can pose a threat to the public. In most cases, there is a significant risk of destroying drones when someone is nearby, especially if these drones are loaded with hazardous materials or explosives.

Drone jammers work by jamming the controller's RF directional signals and allowing military personnel to gain access to the drone system. Such technologies are often used to protect stadiums in the event of a major incident where terrorists could pose a potential threat.
drone frequency jammer
Directed energy is also an option, but still experimental. It has its limitations and disadvantages, including limiting how far the lens can travel. "That's probably only going to be used in military vehicles for the next five to eight years," said Col. John Hayscock, director of the U.S. Army Fire Laboratory.

Jammer mart drone gun jammer can block all drone communication frequencies, including GPS and WIFI. It interferes with GPS communication systems such as UAV WIFI and GPS-L1 by transmitting radio frequency signals. The drone anti-gun with a high-definition telescope can help you quickly lock on the target.

When these signals are blocked, the unauthorized drone is neutralized and begins to descend to the ground, where it can be retrieved. The unit can jam all frequencies together for at least 6 operations of 10 minutes each.

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